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A major purpose of the Guanghua MBA Ambassador Programme is to provide prospective students a channel through which they can receive a more in-depth and personal account of life at Peking University. Ambassadors are current MBA students who see value in providing honest information about their experiences and assisting incoming students with their transition to life in Beijing.

Guanghua MBA Ambassadors organize and host events aimed at promoting the Guanghua brand, all while assisting international students actualize their time at Peking University. In China, professional success is rarely achieved alone. Ambassadors understand this, and are committed to fostering the kind of community that benefits every one of our MBA students.

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Lifelong friendships

History has shown that our MBA Ambassadors connect with one another in such a way that these relationships continue well past the duration of their studies.

professional network

Our Ambassadors are relied on to assit prospective students, many of whom are established professionals. There are also numerous other opportunities to make personal and professional connections.

unique events

MBA Ambassadors are encouraged to attend a wide variety of events and galas as representatives of Peking University. This presents a unique opportunity to interact with hard-to-meet people.

Awards and rewards

As Ambassadors are volunteers, they are a benefit to others. Conversely, MBA Ambassadors are also privy to certain benefits; including but not limited to letters of recommendation and other awards.


  • Vivian Wu

    I had the opportunity to participate in different kinds of programs and to meet people from different industries. I have confidence that these rich experiences have improved my management skills and leadership qualities.

    Country: China

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  • Ammar masood

    Studying at Guanghua ensures that I will learn all there is about working and doing business in China. Being an Ambassador has given me additional opportunities to connect with people from China, and people who work here.

    Country: Pakistan

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  • Jean ong

    I always consider more than just the academic program when choosing a school. The Ambassador programme seemed to me a fun way to involve myself, build my network, and learn. And it certainly hasn't disappointed!

    Country: Philippines

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  • Tae Hong kim

    I've always enjoyed doing group projects and extracurricular activities. Previous Ambassadors were willing to share their time and effort with me. I remember how much I appreciated that, so I am very happy to do the same.

    Country: South Korea

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Calvin K. Lee

President 2014

Marvin Gunawan

President 2013 and Consultant


  • sophie mannai

    France and China have a long a storied relationship. This definitely contributed to my decision to study at Guanghua. I became an Ambassador because my transition to China was made so much easier by virtue of the previous Ambassador cohort. I feel privileged to be in a position where I can repay the kindness I received.

    Country: France

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  • Andrew weekes

    I had lived in China for quite some time before enrolling at Peking University, so I knew China is where I wanted to be. Being an Amabssador elevated an already excellent MBA program to new heights, and I truly feel that I can gained a kind of access to China that I would not otherwise have been privy to.

    Country: USA

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  • su na

    Peking University has been my dream university since my first visit to the campus when I was seven years old! One thing that has stood out, now that I'm here, are my amazing classmates. Being an Ambassador has given me an excuse to get to know them all; their different cultural backgrounds and industries.

    Country: China

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  • Nick cheng

    Pursuing an MBA at Guanghua is a unique and enriching experience. So much of China's  development can be traced back to this University. My favourite part of being an Ambassador is giving campus tours. I love being able to share stories and show people where meaningful historical moments occured.

    Country: New Zealand

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  • Amy huang

    I came to the Guanghua School of Management to develop my future career in Mainland China. Along with the well-designed courses and the strong alumni network, becoming an MBA Ambassador has shown to be a great way to gain insight into China's business landscape. I am very happy with my decision to study here.

    Country: China

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