Double MBA Degree Program

Guanghua – Columbia University, School of Professional Studies


In May 2016, Peking University, Guanghua School of Management (“Guanghua”) and Columbia University, School of Professional Studies (“SPS”) officially agreed to a double degree cooperation. As per the terms of the agreement, a Guanghua MBA student may study at both institutions. The first year is spent at Guanghua while the second year is spent at SPS. Double degree students earn two degrees upon successful completion of both institutions’ course credit and thesis requirements. Specifically, successfully students will receive an MBA from Guanghua and an MSc in Sports Management from SPS. 

Columbia University is the only Ivy League university to offer a degree program in sports management. Their MSc in Sports Management readies professionals for all sectors of the sports industry by teaching specific management skills with a global, analytical and digital focus. It is ranked #2 globally by SportBusiness International’s Masters Ranking 2016. 

This double degree program combines professional skills with a deep understanding of the Chinese landscape. It is the perfect choice for someone who aspires to have a career in sports. 


Basic Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.

  • Competitive GMAT score (within 5 years). 

  • Relevant applicants are required to complete TOEFL 100 or IELTS (within 2 years).

Application Procedure

  • Oct.-Nov. Applicants send signed application form to Guanghua
  • Mid Jan. Applicants send application package to Columbia
  • Late Feb. Interview by Columbia
  • Late Mar. Interview results released