Entry Requirements


Entry Requirements - Overseas Applicants


Guanghua MBA students are motivated, ambitious, and talented. They are inquiring minds with a thirst for knowledge and success. They value information; they apply academia; they aim for China; they adapt tradition; and they strive for change. Prospective students interested in applying must ensure to meet the following requirements:

  •  Hold non-Chinese citizenship.
    Hold bachelor's degree or above.

  •  Have relevant work experience.
competitive GMAT or GRE scores.

Application Package

All the application materials, including the Online Application Form, should be delivered by registered post or express mail to the MBA Admissions Office before the deadline.

Need Help With You Application?

Please contact MBA Office Admissions staff if you have any queries regarding the application process. You can send them an email here. Current MBA students are also available through our Student Ambassador Program to discuss their experiences at Guanghua. Please do not hesitate – they are all happy to help!