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Sophia Zhu

Nationality:  French
(Pre) Education:  ESSEC Business School
(Pre) Employer: Deloitte

Hello everyone, I am Sophia Zhu, dual degree MBA student from ESSEC Business School, Paris.


Before joining Guanghua School of Management, I have worked in the Marketing industry at Benefit Cosmetics LVMH in Paris (strategic coordination in 14 European countries) and in the Finance industry at Deloittein Hong Kong (valuations in the context of M&A, restructuring etc.).

As a French born Chinese who grew up in an environment influenced by both Asian and European cultures, either as an insider or as an outsider, I have witnessed the total makeover that China has been undergoing. It has undeniably set itself on the path to a truly Great Leap Forward and I am convinced that in any field or any country you might aspire to work in, an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market by immersing yourself in this historical evolution can only be beneficial if not crucial to your business success.


Thus, in order to keep going further in exploring the roots of my education and values, and to better understand the why and the how of what we are seeing nowadays in China, I chose to come to Guanghua. There, I joined the Student Union and keep learning not only from inspiring professors but also from all the people of diverse backgrounds and origins I get to meet through various events.


For any question regarding Guanghua’s MBA program, life on campus or Beijing and China in general, feel free to ask, I’dbe happy to help!


Contact me via:

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-LinkedIn: zhusophia

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