Student Profiles

Hwee Jun Lee

Nationality:  Korean
(Pre) Education:  University of Oxford
(Pre) Employer: J - One Asset Management

I was born in South Korea. When I was young, I spent two years of my childhood in Canada. I studied in Korea until high school, after which I attended the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. After graduation, I came back to Korea and worked for a short period of time in a firm in the finance sector. And now I am here in China, in Beijing, in the Guanghua School of Management, enrolling in its widely acclaimed MBA program.

Many of these phases in my life were the consequences of chance and unexpected turn of events, but in the case of my current life here in China, the decision was made upon careful consideration of my future prospects. My work experience, albeit not as long as most others’, awoke in me a dormant passion and desire to be in charge of and manage the workings of corporations, but with a realisation that there was a need to further pursue my studies. And having arrived at this conclusion, I saw no other logical option than China as where I would enrol in the MBA program, with the ever-increasing importance of China in the world – not only confined to businesses and industries.

And indeed, this is a decision that I am glad that I have made. In Guanghua, I have met fellow students with brilliant minds, whose presence themselves create an active learning environment. The curriculum provided by the professors are intriguing and intellectually challenging. Here in Guanghua, I am filled with a sense of positive certainty about my future, and would strongly encourage anyone who is considering applying to Guanghua to have faith in that judgment.

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