Student Profiles

Melody I Fan Tien

Nationality:  USA
(Pre) Education:  University of California, Berkeley
(Pre) Employer: Fourth Valley Consulting

Hello everyone, 


My name is Melody Tien. I graduated from University of California, Berkeley with the degree in Political Economy and Japanese. Before joining Guanghua School of Management, I worked at a Japanese consultancy, managing all operations within North America and Canada. I was raised in Los Angeles, and my parents are from Taiwan. I am the so-called “global person”; I love learning different languages and learning about different cultures. In addition to working at a Japanese firm, I also spent one year studying abroad in Japan at Waseda University. Therefore, I have been fully immersed in the American culture, Taiwanese culture, and Japanese culture. I chose to come to Guanghua because I would like learn about the Chinese economy and the opportunities that China has to offer.


As the ambassador for Guanghua MBA, I will contribute to the Guanghua MBA Program in many ways. Specifically, I believe my value and difference lie in networking and fostering collaboration with the outside world. I am an outgoing person with passion in interacting with others and collaborating. I would love to not only enhance the students’ life at Guanghua, but also support students’ career advancement. I myself would love to not only dive into the competitive corporate world, but also start my own business. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Guanghua MBA, if you are interested in the consulting/ financial services industries, or if you are an entrepreneur by heart!

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