Double MBA Degree Program

Guanghua – Schulich School of Business


Global, innovative, and diverse, York University’s Schulich School of Business is often referred to as Canada’s global business school. It is often ranked among the world’s leading business schools by a number of global rankings. The Schulich School of business offers programs year-round at its two Toronto campuses – a state-of-the-art complex located in York University’s main campus, as well as a downtown campus located in the heart of the city’s financial district. Schulich offers Guanghua MBA students exclusive scholarships valued at $20,000 each. There are also a variety of other scholarships and internship opportunities available exclusively to Guanghua MBA students. Students spend their first year at Guanghua, and their second year in Toronto, Canada. Successful completion results in two MBA degrees.  


Basic Entry Requirements


  • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must have finished all core courses at Guanghua before matriculating at Schulich.
  • Minimum GMAT score: 550 (within 5 years). 
    Competitive GMAT score: 660

  • Relevant applicants are required to complete TOEFL 100 or IELTS 7 (within 2 years).
  • Applicants are required to have at least 2 years of professional work experience.

Application Procedure

  • Sep.30  Send signed application form to GSM
  • Late Oct.- Early Nov.  Candidates are interviewed by Schulich
  • Late Nov.  Schulich releases the interview results. 
  • Mid Jan.  Documents sent to Schulich
  • Late Jan.  Applicants will be considered for a scholarship