Program overview


Outstanding Ph.D.program
As China continues to develop its global economic activities, universities have a responsibility to develop the new generation of managers and scholars with the ability to contribute to the internationalization of this country. To contribute to this national objective, Peking University has committed to become a world-class research-oriented and knowledge-creating university. Guanghua's International Ph.D program(IPHD) is right consistent with the commitment.
The four year full-time program, with English as teaching language for main area courses, aims at educating and developing young management scholars who are able to conduct highly qualified scientific research, to advance the quality of management research in mainland China and globally.


Education excellence
The program is designed for candidates with outstanding intellectual abilities and a strong commitment to research; and to produce university faculty members who are excellent researchers and teachers, especially in business schools. The specific objectives of this program are:
* To develop academic faculty for leading business schools in China;
* enrich the intellectual environment of Guanghua School of Management;
* To facilitate the quality of scholarly management research in mainland China;
* To cultivate high qualified young scholars in line with mainstream research in the fields.


International academic environment
The program offers doctoral students research expertise following international standards and methods. The instructors for this program are international professors with distinguished research careers as well as faculty members at the Guanghua School.
The program will also provide the opportunity to study abroad in a semester under the sponsorship of international faculty, under a competitive basis
The language of instruction foe main area courses is English, and Chinese learning courses will be offered to international students to facilitate their understanding of cultural differences and their influence on management. Academic research oriented and Innovation stimulated
Students become involved in research at very early stages in their training, and their dissertations must make original contributions. They collaborate with GSM faculty and the international professors on research projects and receive advice on their research and dissertations. Through research and exchange with faculty and students, students will be prepared for continuing, productive careers in academic research.
The program is a starting point for students pursuing rigorous academic research. The program shifts students from traditional knowledge consumers to knowledge producers.


Teaching practice
In addition to guiding students through research training and practices, this program gives students teaching experience. Students are encouraged to audit some MBA classes to be prepared for what they might have to teach in the future. In the third and fourth year of their study, students will have opportunities to be assistants in an MBA program or teach undergraduate courses.


Financial aid
Financial aid is available to admitted studentsas per Peking University and Guanghua School’s regulations.
During the study, the students are supplied with research support. Travel support is provided for international conference attendance if the student presents a first or single author paper at the conference.


Enquiry and Contacts
International PhD Program,
Rm. 107 of No.1 Building,  Guanghua School of Management, Peking University,
Beijing, 100871, PRC.