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Executive Education
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Guanghua School of Management Executive Education, Peking University
Custom Program, Guanghua School of Management Executive Education, Peking University
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The Executive Education provides non- degree training programs for management level executives. The programs embody the philosophy of life-long learning and provide a basis for managers to improve their performance. The Guanghua School of Management offers open enrollment and custom programs, both of which deliver specialized and comprehensive education that provide insights into Chinese and international business practices.

The Executive Education offers unique access to top professors, business executives and government officials. The courses incorporate sophisticated economic and management theories with modern practices to formulate useful parameters that are applicable to global and Chinese operations. Our programs utilize leading international findings to provide managers with a diversity of resources to develop their businesses. The courses can be taught in both Chinese and English.

Our Offering
Open Programs

• Providing cutting edge knowledge, latest business case and best practice to help executives sustain success in the challenging business world.
• Building global vision and developing local insights to foster innovation and growth across the world.
• Offering interactive sessions with outstanding faculty and business leaders to transform conventional thinking and co-creating unique learning experience.
• Establishing a lifelong learning platform and global alumni network to support idea exchange and business growth.

Custom Programs
• Offering a timely tailor-made China business roadmap and cultivating a bridging enabler of cross-cultural business communication.
• Enhancing dialogue and cooperation between Chinese companies and global business partners.
• Supporting organizational development and helping multinational executives to understand Chinese history, culture, and business environment.
• Developing organizational agility and accelerating talent development at various levels.