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Driving Corporate Performance:  The Balanced Scorecard (Guanghua, Harvard Business School)
To drive long-term growth, global leaders need a balanced view of business that encompasses both financial and nonfinancial measures as well as multiple control systems. In this Executive Education program, you'll examine the best practices and practical application of powerful new systems for managing cost, assessing risk, and driving performance using the Balanced Scorecard method.

Reinventing and Executing Strategy(Guanghua, Harvard Business School)
Many global companies are expanding operations in the Greater China region, and at the same time, companies in other Asian countries are competing with established global players. In this program, you'll learn how to overcome strategic obstacles companies face when attempting to expand market share within one country or grow to become international players. By blending time-tested strategy design tactics with crucial techniques for execution, and incorporating the unique characteristics of Asian operations, you'll develop a strategy for corporate success.

Global Executive Programs (Guanghua, Wharton, Oxford, Taiwan)
In the age of global business, executives must be adventurous - willing to explore new markets, immerse their firms in new cultures and take risks in a new market environment. The Guanghua School of Management has partnered with other three top-notch business schools, the Wharton School at of University of Pennsylvania, the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford and the College of Management at National Taiwan University to offer the Global Executive Program. Courses of this Global Executive Program challenge executives to integrate China into their business and to develop their managerial skills through themes like, “Understanding China and Yourself”, “Global Market Innovation and Leadership” ,“Navigating Global Financial Markets” and “Achieving Transformational Growth and Business Succession”. The Global Executive Program will truly push the executives to think about business in a global perspective and to develop creative, new solutions to the challenges presented by the global economy.