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  • Why China Matters
“I do not always agree with the Chinese perspective, but it is necessary to understand it, since China will play such a big role in the world that is emerging in the twenty-first century.”
-- Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger,
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In 2010, China surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world and now only trails the United States in market size. However, even with the miraculous growth the country has experienced over the last 30 years, China’s estimated per capita GDP ranks 130th in the world. There remains tremendous opportunity for growth, and as the country begins its transition to a more advanced economic structure and promotes the advancement of its consumer market, China’s role in the global economy will only grow in importance. To sustain competitive advantage in this new business environment, business leaders must “In China’s Orbit” Niall Ferguson Wall Street Journal Nov. 18, 2010 expand their vision beyond their local markets and industries to the rest of Asia and the world.
The Executive Education Program offered by the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University helps companies explore the political, economic and cultural conditions in East Asia. The program specializes in offering valuable insights into the complex nature of operating in China and connects participants with the knowledge and network needed to succeed.

The true challenge faced in the coming century is how to effectively communicate and reach mutually beneficial decisions in an increasingly global community. In order to build more effective leaders across borders and cultures, the Guanghua School of Management brings top intellectuals, policy makers and business leaders together to promote dialogue and international consensus.