Guanghua School of Management Holds Opening Ceremony to Mark Beginning of New Academic Year


     On September 16, Guanghua School of Management held its Opening Ceremony for the 2018 academic year at the Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium at Peking University, attracting nearly 1,100 new students from all over the world enrolled in Guanghua’s Bachelor’s, Master’s in Finance, MBA, MPAcc, MSEM and EMBA programs. Professor Liu Qiao, Dean of the Guanghua School of Management, Professor Ma Huaxiang, Guanghua’s Party secretary, and more than 20 other staff representatives attended the ceremony.

        "Guanghua, Here we come." The short film "New Students, New Voices" was shown to highlight the excitement new students felt upon entering Guanghua. After the national anthem was played, the ceremony officially began. Professor Ma Huaxiang hosted the ceremony, sharing “Peking University celebrated her 120th birthday on May 4th, which marks an important milestone in her incredible journey. Guanghua School of Management, just over thirty years old, has also established strong momentum in its continued development. The arrival of students serves to inject fresh blood and new vitality into both Peking University in general and Guanghua more specifically.”

        Professor Liu Qiao, Dean of the Guanghua School of Management, also delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of all staff at Guanghau School, Dean Liu welcomed all new students to the Guanghua family. He mentioned that a university education is a rite of passage for modern thinking. Learning to think from different perspectives will bring more creativity and positive personal development. He encouraged students to start from this intersection, relentlessly pursue the truth, acquire wisdom, show determination and courage of action, and always retain hope. He said that the world is in need of truth, action and hope, and students must use these to bring meaning to the world. We must work hard together to build the future we want to see and bring this era to an even better intersection.