The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) Program at GSM is focused on the accounting occupation, and is committed to cultivating high-quality financial experts and trail-blazing and innovative managing and leading talents.
Peking University is one of the first in China that recruit students for Master of Professional Accounting degree. The program is taught by famous professors at GSM and elites in the business. The courses are designed to reflect the characteristics of MPAcc students, to represent their professional, adaptable, practical and internationalized characteristics. Peking University’s numerous disciplines and rich academic background, and GSM’s highly advantageous faculty have laid a solid foundation for a first-class MPAcc Program.

Applicants to this program should be college graduates with two-year or more experience in accounting or concerned areas. The entrance exams consist of two parts: one is the national exam and the other is GSM’s second exam. The national exam is held every October including Comprehensive Knowledge and English. After passing the national exam applicants can attend the second interview which is taken place in the following January.
This is a part-time program that gives classes on Saturdays and Sundays, or in weekday evenings. To graduate, a student should earn enough credits and successfully defend his or her thesis. With the approval of Peking University’s Academic Degree Commission, the student will be conferred master of professional accounting degree.

Until 2013, the MPAcc program has accepted 462 students and has about 350 graduates in total during the passing 9 years. Our students come from various industries such as internet, banking, biological, manufacturing etc., and more than 1/3 students are undertaking a financial administration work in their company. MPAcc program helps our students to establish their social networks and they can make more contributions to social and economic construction.  

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