Why choose Master of Finance program in Guanghua School of Management?

The Master of Finance program is a two-year, full-time, master’s degree program offered by Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, in order to adapt and promote the development of China’s financial market. Students take theoretical and quantitative courses of modern finance, economics, and management to obtain the ability of solving theoretical and practical problems by comprehensively using professional knowledge, and to exploit innovative potentials for future careers in finance. This program is highly selective and keeps innovating in curriculum and training, combining prerequisite courses, module courses, practice courses, and international courses to improve students’ professional and specialized abilities.


History: With the over 100 year history of Peking University, this program began to admit in 2002 and is one of the first programs offering professional master’s degree in China.
Ranking: The Master of Finance program was ranked 8th by Financial Times of UK in June, 2012, and has gained international recognitions.
Course Category: 3 professional directions, 13 required basic courses, 9 required professional courses, 14 elective professional courses, practice integration programs and overseas courses.
Alumni: 686 graduates till July, 2012.
Wages: The average annual salary is 193,527 RMB, with a maximum of 700, 000, and was ranked 1st in the FT global ranking survey.

What you can learn from here

Practice Courses
Required basic courses: This program offers advanced courses of economics and finance, focusing on fundamental theories and methods of economics, finance and accounting, and integrating with the reform and development of China’s economics. Students would gain solid theoretical backgrounds, emphasize on interpretation of economics and finance situations, and keep sensitive for the market. Career Development Strategy is also required.

- Advanced Microeconomics
- Macroeconomic management
- Financial Analysis Application
- Quantitative Financial Econometrics
- Finance I, Finance II, Finance III
- Career Development Strategy
Required professional courses: This program offers advanced courses of investment management, corporate finance, and financial intermediation, teaching frontier theories and methods of investment, corporate finance, financial markets and financial institutions. Students would grasp the latest developments in theory, master advanced skills of analysis and decisions, and improve abilities to analyze and solve practical problems.
- Investment Management: Fixed Income Securities, Quantitative Investment Strategy, Investment Simulation
- Corporate Finance: Corporate Finance Case, Business Valuation and Value Creation Strategies, Company Mergers and Restructuring
- Financial Intermediation: Financial Markets and Financial Institutions, Financial Supervision, Money and Banking
Elective professional courses: This program offers elective course of investment management, corporate finance, and financial intermediation. Students could decide what courses to choose based on their backgrounds, or continue studying specified courses based on research interest. Elective professional courses emphasize more on professionality and applicability.
- Investment Management: Value Investing Cases, Financial Engineering, Senior Financial Topics: asset pricing, financial derivatives pricing theory, financial modeling, behavioral finance and wealth management
- Corporate Finance: Financial Risk Management, International Finance, Advanced Financial Accounting, PE & VC
- Financial Intermediation: The Global Foreign Exchange Market, Investment Bank, Credit Risk Management, Commercial Banking Management

Practice courses: The Master of Finance program keeps reforming and improving and has achieved outstanding results. On one hand, we enhance students’ understanding of finance by inviting industry elites to give lectures and seminars; on the other hand, we have practice integration programs with financial industry experts or institutions for students to solve practical problems of investment management, corporate finance, and financial institution management with their supervision, narrowing the distance between academia and industry. At the same time, we also have oversea courses for students to develop international perspective.

- Industry Seminar (Forum)
- Practice Integration Program
- Overseas Courses

What to do after graduation


More than 95 percent of our graduates go to industry. Since 2003, graduates of Guanghua Master of Finance program have joined famous international investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, and famous fund companies, such as China AMC, Harvest Fund and China Southern Asset Management, and also major domestic securities firms such as CICC, CITIC Securities, SWS Securities and Guotai Junan Securities. Graduates are now living in US, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
About 5 percent of graduates go abroad to pursue PhD degrees.

Employment fields include:
About 90% are in finance, consulting and related fields.
Financial industry includes: commercial banks, investment banks, fund companies, insurance and asset management companies, venture capital and private equity, securities companies, accounting firms, other financial services institutions. Related departments include: investment banks, research, investment and financing, Fixed Income, consulting, fund management, risk management, sales transactions, project management, human resources, strategic planning, marketing, financial accounting, auditing, and quantity analysis.
About 90% are in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong, 10% are overseas.
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What's different from others?

Excellent Faculty
There are 108 full-time faculties in Guanghua School of Management, among which more than 30 offer courses to master students. The faculties come from Department of Finance, Department of Applied Economics, Department of Accounting, Department of Management, and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Among these faculties, there are master scholars who have participated in the economic reform and government decision-making, senior professors in academia, and young scholars who have been trained overseas, love research, and are dedicated to teaching.
Since 2003, faculties who offer courses to master students have published more than 30 monographs and books, more than 70 papers in top international journals, and have work experience in Wall Street and Hong Kong, which make them famous all over the world.

Alumni Mentors
The “Industry mentor plan of Master of Finance program of Guanghua School of Management in Peking University” will invite experts and scholars from industry, famous Guanghua alumni, as well as senior managers of government and financial institutions to be off-campus mentors of masters of finance. Each mentor will instruct 4-6 students and this plan will begin in September, 2013.
Invited mentors would interact with students in different ways, sharing professional and business experience, encouraging students to grow up, and helping their career development. This plan is aim to build platforms for instructing and training the new generation of senior managers in finance between industry elite, alumni and students. At the same time, this plan would enhance the communication and connection between alumni and alma mater, becoming important platforms that alma mater supports the alumni and alumni help alma mater in return.
The “Industry mentoring committee” consists of senior scholars in finance and related fields, business elite, well-known alumni, senior officials of government and financial regulators, and senior managers of business organizations. Committee members will give advice and suggestions on development and teaching reform of the Master of Finance program, and career development of students.

Alumni Resources
Guanghua School of Business will provide excellent services for the alumni, including homecoming on May each year, summer camp for their children, alumni meetings and alumni Salons.
The Master of Finance program has 11 years history and nearly 700 alumni all over the world. The 10th anniversary celebrations of Master of Finance in 2011 and Hong Kong Alumni events in 2012 promote connections between different grades, and provide a broad platform for communication, opening a window to understand industry. With abundant alumni resources, the Master of Finance program will further strengthen the connections and interactions of the alumni, including regular meetings, inviting elite alumni to become industry mentors, and contacting alumni corporate visits.

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