Program Overview

The undergraduate programs of Guanghua School of Management are the most competitive undergraduate programs in Chinese business schools. We recruit promising young talents from across the country. Each year around 180 high school graduates are taken into our programs, primarily on the basis of their performance in the National Entrance Exam; meanwhile, around 30 international students are enrolled each year, based on their performances in the exams and interviews which are held by Peking University in every spring . Innovation,teamwork and leadership are core to the undergraduate training. Our past students have proved to be the most-wanted group of graduates by employers in the banking and finance industry.


The length of a full-time undergraduate program is four academic years. In the first two years, students study intensively in mathematics, English and basic disciplinary knowledge. By the end of the 2nd year, students choose a major study area from the four concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Financial Economics, and Marketing. From the 3rd year, students start to take courses in their concentration area and this period continues until their graduation theses are completed by the end of the 4th year. Internship experiences are mandatory during the four years; however, students are not encouraged to undertake internships on weekdays.


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