One of the first of its kind in Asia, Guanghua's Executive Education program integrates cutting-edge theory on Chinese management and economic issues with best management practices from eastern and western perspectives. The program's unique ability to bridge both global and local business practices prepares executives to not only meet the challenges of a dynamic and complex global landscape, but to also drive success in their organizations.

Offering both open and customized programs, as well as consulting services, the Executive Education program brings in business leaders and top experts to provide an unparalleled learning experience that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Further, the Executive Education program partners with leading business schools such as Harvard, Oxford and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Guanghua also has a prestigious corporate network of local and global partners such as ICBC, China Merchants Group,General Electric, and Samsung Electronics, etc. The Guanghua Executive Education program helps its clients enhance the quality of leadership, build a more cohesive management team and strengthen corporate competitiveness.

Open Programs

• Providing cutting edge knowledge, latest business cases and best practices to help executives sustain success in the challenging business world.
• Building global vision and developing local insights to foster innovation and growth across the world.
• Offering interactive sessions with outstanding faculty and business leaders to transform conventional thinking and co-creating unique learning experience.
• Establishing a lifelong learning platform and global alumni network to support idea exchange and business growth.

2017 International Programs
 Leading and Transforming Family Businesses - China (Guanghua, Oxford, HBS)
 Global Executive Program (Guanghua, Wharton, Oxford, Taiwan)

Custom Programs
• Offering a timely tailor-made China business roadmap and cultivating a bridging enabler of cross-cultural business communication.
• Enhancing dialogue and cooperation between Chinese companies and global business partners.
• Supporting organizational development and helping multinational executives to understand Chinese history, culture, and business environment.
• Developing organizational agility and accelerating talent development at various levels.

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Executive Briefing
Executive Briefings are delivered by professors from the Guanghua School of Management to build on your management insight to ensure that you stay abreast of the competition in Asia. All executive briefings can be customized and delivered on demand for your organization.

Global Participants
Guanghua School of Management Executive Education, Peking University
Participants’ Testimonials
“I learned more this week than I learned in all my previous visits. The lessons on developing strong Chinese partners by focusing on the human side can also apply to our relationships in Europe.”
—— Matthias Gramolla, Vice President, Sourcing Strategy and Management, Corporate Sourcing, EADS
“Wonderful and excellent experience, we enjoy every part of the lectures. I am sure all of us in the class have gained dramatically from this program. We will come back to learn as well as we bring business to China, and to do business here in the future. ”
—— Chellappa Muruganand,Regional Risk Director, Unilever PLC.
“Total immersion in china while getting diverse perspectives on topics. Allowed me to draw my own conclusions, VS. taking one person’s word for it. It’s probably the best learning experience of my working at GE.”
—— Fengming Liu,Vice President, General Electric,Vice President and General Counsel,GE Greater China
“Excellent balance between concepts, culture and live events.”
—— Vera Gobetti, Human Resources, Vice-President, Ericsson

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