Research Highlights

  • How Power States Influence Consumers’ Perceptions of Price Unfairness

    Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming February 2014

    How do consumers compare prices? It depends on how powerful they feel, says a new study by Professor Ying Zhang. Zhang's research, along with co-collaborators from Fudan University, examines how consumers feel unfairness about pricing differently based on their perceived power statuses. The study provides important implications for the way marketing professionals engage customers with different perceive power statuses. Read more

  • Are Chinese Reverse Merger Firms Inherently Toxic?

    Social Science Research Network, September 2013

    Contrary to what negative publicity suggests, there is ilttle evidence that US capital markets have been harmed by the admission of Chinese reverse merger firms . Professor Ran Zhang and Stanford University co-collaborators investigate the financial health and performance of firms such as that became active on U.S. stock markets between 2001 and 2010. Read more