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Option 1: Job Postings

Posting job positions on CDC website is the quickest and most efficient way to recruit Guanghua students. You can send job descriptions along with a brief description about the company and an electronic version of the company’s business license to CDC at to post the job openings on Guanghua CDC website, which is only accessible to the current registered Guanghua students. Interested students can apply directly through this platform.


Option 2: Information Sessions  

Information sessions provide an interactive setting for Guanghua students to find out about the various career development opportunities at your organization. Information sessions can be targeted to specific groups of students or programs. These sessions are usually about 2 hours in length and are held in the afternoon or evening.

We highly recommend recruiters to communicate their preferred campus presentation date/time with our CDC consultant at the earliest convenience.


Option 3: Direct Contact

Recruiters can directly contact candidates who match their specific requirements on backgrounds by referring to the Profile Book and the CV Book (available in October). Please contact CDC office for a copy of the Profile and the CV book.


Option 4: Job Fairs

CDC hosts two job fairs on Guanghua campus annually. One is in mid November, with a focus on full-time job opportunities; while the other one is in mid April, with a focus on internship positions. Companies are welcome to participate in the two job fairs and meet with Guanghua students. Details about job fairs will be published on our CDC website as well as sent by email.