DBIC-41, MBA from Warwick Business School, U.K.

The excellent teaching and facilities at GSM, coupled with a diverse group of Warwick MBA students, enabled deep debate on fundamental aspects of Chinese politics, economy and consumers. Additionally, being in China allowed us to both observe and partake in local activities such as karaoke. 

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Deinde Odubela (DBIC-20, MBA from UNC, U.S.)

Doing Business in China was an eye opening and phenomenal experience. I learned as much about myself as I did about the Chinese culture. The Guanghua Management School at Peking University created an effective agenda of daily lectures from prominent Chinese professors, historical site visits and local company visits. All in all, the entire two weeks helped to enrich my knowledge of the Chinese people, culture, marketplace and language. The trip was very conducive and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Chris Kauffman (DBIC-19, undergraduate from Indiana University, U.S.)

I am beyond happy to say that I greatly underestimated the degree of benefit which I have received from the DBIC program. Never before have I learned so much in such a short timespan! The beauty of the program lies in its approach--complete immersion. Not only did I learn about China inside of Guanghua, but I experienced China in my time outside of the classroom. The academia combined with the extracurricular experiences produced a well-rounded learning environment that allowed me not only to gain knowledge, but to form lifelong friendships and everlasting memories as well. This program has impacted me in such a remarkable manner that I now am compelled to enroll in Mandarin courses at my home university so that I may return to China to study for a longer period of time!

Janet Harper (DBIC-13, MBA from Lancaster University, U.K.)

The open programme at Guanghua was a fantastic experience. The two weeks went towards changing your mind-set – it was like immersion. Having a go at the language was one aspect of that. It took you out of your comfort zone. Trying to communicate in another language that’s so different, to understand a culture where the assumptions are so different – and then figuring out how that affects business dealings, how it affects strategic thought and management. It was layer after layer building up over the two weeks, giving you a sense of how this truly is another part of the world.

The other thing it gave me was the ability to reflect on my own cultural assumptions and the things I take for granted, such as behaviours, management style, and groups. When we looked at some aspects of Chinese culture I’d be thinking, this is familiar, this is universal. Then with other aspects I’d think no, this I don’t know – this is a new way of thinking to me. So all the while you are reflecting on whether back home you might do that differently, and why. It was a really nice reflective experience as well as being very good preparation for any aspect of doing business in China.

Michael Applebaum (DBIC-1, MBA from the University of Calgary, Canada)

Everyone from Guanghua was extremely friendly and helpful, going out of their way to accommodate us! Overall, I enjoyed the program. I would have liked if the courses had a bit more practical information rather than so much theory / academic. I will be sure to promote the program at home and encourage others to come! This course was excellent – truly useful. Excellent professor as well!

Grigorios Karelos (DBIC-1, MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

Very good planned and organized program, combining academic activities with extracurricular activities. The program offered both business and cultural knowledge of China. It was very interesting having a multinational class with students from 4-5 different areas of the world.