• Open Program I (May 13-26, 2018)
          • Open Program II (June 10-23, 2018)

Course Description:

This course gives an overview of doing business in China, including an introduction to the Chinese economy, history and culture. Lectures and seminars on a wide range of topics allow the students to: 

 Understand the driving force of China's economic growth phenomenon over the last 40 years and the future
 Understand the Belt and Road Initiative
 Appreciate the uniqueness of the Chinese market, organizations, and social structure 
 Learn how firms conduct marketing, branding, human resource and strategic management in China 
 Identify business opportunities in China.

The course includes lectures, case studies, guest lectures, company visits, projects and cultural events.


 High quality faculty and well-designed program structure of lectures, company visit and cultural activities
 Guest lecturers add a practical perspective on diverse topics
 Case discussion and debates to engage student participation 
 Interaction with local students gives a chance to get a broad picture of China
 Basic Mandarin course helps students to navigate during their stay in Beijing 
 Expand the understanding of the rich history and splendid culture
 Beijing, as the host city of the 2008 summer Olympics, is an extremely exciting and vibrant city to be in.

Course Requirements: 

 Attendance to all lectures, presentations and site visits in Beijing during the academic program
 Active participation in class debates and cases
 Complete assignments


Participation will count 25% of the final grade. Each participant will be assigned in a group and each group will need to complete a task during the two weeks and give a 15-minute presentation at the final session. This part will count 75% of the final grade. Guanghua professors will grade the group presentations.

Course Materials: 

Materials will consist of articles and case studies which will be provided to students either in advance of the course start date or upon arrival as deemed necessary by the faculty. Soft copies of teaching materials are not allowed to release due to copyright issues but every participant shall get a hard copy of all materials. 


Courses will be selected from the following topics:

 China: The Country and the People
 China Market, Chinese Consumers, and Personalized Marketing
 Economic Development, Government, and Business Environment
 Capital Market and Corporate Behaviors in China
 Understanding Chinese Consumers
 Marketing to the Chinese Consumer
 Survey of Chinese History and Culture
 Understanding China’s Economic Miracle and Macroeconomic Environment for Foreign Business
 Financial Market and Financing in China
 China’s New Entrepreneurship
 Leadership in Chinese Business Firm