The Alumni Affairs Center serves as a critical nexus bridging Guanghua’s over 30,000 alumni and the school. Guanghua’s alumni, which come from the EMBA, MBA, Executive Education, MPAcc, undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral degree programs, make up the most powerful alumni network in China. They are active in academia, politics, business, media, public affairs and other fields, and are key participants in China's economic and social development as well as contributors to global social change.

The Alumni Affairs Center, established in 2003, is the GSM Alumni Association's permanent
administrative office, and is a bridge connecting Guanghua's many alumni with the school.
Alumni engagement is one of the Guanghua School of Management's utmost priorities. Each year, the school organizes and facilitates various alumni conferences, reunions, study abroad programs, fellowships, exchanges, and business cooperation in order to support the personal growth and career development of the Guanghua community.

Alumni Associations

The Guanghua School of Management’s many alumni associations are jointly organized by alumni and current students.  These associations include regional alumni associations, industry alumni associations, and various special interest clubs. The Guanghua School of Management Alumni Associations are the collaborative effort of the school’s alumni and enrolled students. Read more...

Alumni Activities

Alumni events serve an opportunity for the school and alumni to strengthen ties while sharing wisdom and resources.  These events include functions such as an annual alumni tree-planting activity, the annual “Swallow Returns” alumni reunion, a summer camp for the children of alumni, summer camping trips, etc.

The Boya Library Initiative

The “Boya Library Initiative” is a philanthropic project launched by the Guanghua School of Management’s Executive Education Center in 2009.  The project strives to empower from children from poverty-stricken areas through knowledge help build school libraries in poverty-stricken areas.