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Global Executive Program

As China is increasingly integrated with the rest of the world, globalization poses different challenges to different enterprises in the fast-changing world economy. How could the decision-makers of an enterprise keep up with the macro trends, carve out a path of innovation amid financial complexities and changing markets, and develop the enterprise into a multinational leader along the bumpy road of globalization? Business leaders in the age of growing globalization must learn to observe ongoing business changes from a global perspective, so that correct decisions are made in response to the challenges arising from globalization.

The Guanghua School of Management, Peking University has joined hands with the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the College of Management of National Taiwan University to offer a tailored program "Global Executive Program". With educational resources at the four top-notch business schools on three continents, the program provides courses that focus on themes as “Understanding China and Yourself”, “Navigating Global Financial Markets”, “Leading into the Future: Global Market Innovation and Leadership" and “Achieving Transformational Growth and Business Succession”. It is intended to help business leaders, through interactive, reflective, inspiring and exploratory learning, gain insights into the essence of business in the era of globalization, build a new system of global thinking, develop the management ability that allows them to “see through the situation, ponder for change, and act on plans”, and thus steer their enterprises towards long-term success in a globalized world.
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Module I:   Jul.16 - 21, 2017           Beijing
Module II:  Sep.24 - 29 2017          
Module III: Nov.19 - 24 2017          Oxford
Module IV:  Mar.11 - 16 2018         Taipei


PROGRAM FEE:  ¥358,000 RMB


The program is tailor-made for the CEOs, chairmen and top decision-makers of successful enterprises that regard global presence as their strategic goal, specifically including:
♦   Executives who would like to broaden their international horizons and particularly to understand the changes in today’s business world from the perspective of globalization;
♦   Entrepreneurs who plan to engage, or are engaging, in international operations, and hope to achieve business transformation and upgrading through such operations;
♦   Executives who aspire to improve global leadership and grow into the leaders of global organizations;
♦   Professionals who intend to get a deeper understanding of the changes in the international business community so as to advise on policy making.


To ensure the most comprehensive learning experience, the program will be taught in both Chinese and English with translation. Participants will pre-select Chinese or English for their class materials. When forming discussion groups, program administrators will consider each senior executive’s language capabilities and communication demands to ensure optimum group interaction.


With integrated faculty resources from the four renowned universities, the program follows the educational principles of academic preciseness and plural perspectives to offer participants half-year unique learning experience by exposing them to the most recent research findings and management ideas. Comprising four major themed modules, it begins with probing into the trends in China and proceeds to focus on global leadership, strategic innovation and transformational growth, incorporating classroom teaching, action learning and leadership development throughout the entire course of study. Through case studies, brainstorming, company visits and panel discussions, it is designed to spread leading-edge management knowledge, share global best practices and inspire the learners to think deeply, thereby helping business decision-makers to gain profound insights into the future trends of global business development and steer their enterprises against the intense global competition for expansion, innovation and growth opportunities.


♦   Integrating faculty resources from four renowned universities to share global wisdom
♦   Looking into East-West differences in strategies to build a regional edge
♦   Broadening global economic horizons to get a grip on the structure of market competition and cooperation
♦   Covering leading-edge business issues to offer insights into the opportunities for business innovation
♦   Pooling together business leaders from across the Strait to inspire innovative thinking
♦   Experiencing the atmosphere of worldwide prestigious universities and enterprises to build up a global alumni network


Guanghua School of Management is affiliated with Peking University -- the oldest and most prestigious university in the Chinese-speaking countries and regions. It upholds a tradition of patriotism, progress, democracy and science and dedicates itself to creating and sharing the cutting-edge economic management knowledge and to cultivate internationally competitive management professionals for China. At present, the school has 115 full-time faculty members, all from prestigious institutions at home and abroad, and an alumni network of more than 10,000 outstanding members. Guanghua has taken the lead in launching the EMBA, MBA, ExEd in China. The state-of-the-art research by the Guanghua professors has not only created management wisdom that has its roots in China but also influenced China’s practice in many ways.

Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. Informed by in-depth academic research and extensive industry experience, Wharton Executive Education programs offer a supportive and challenging context from which participants gain the skills necessary for their next level of executive development. In open-enrollment and customized programs, participants from a diverse range of industries interact with Wharton faculty, who are one of the most cited, most published faculties of all top-tier business schools. With a profound influence on global business, Wharton faculty are the trusted advisors of corporations and governments worldwide.

The Saïd Business School embodies the academic rigour and forward thinking that has made the University of Oxford a world leader in education. An integral part of the prestigious university, it is one of Europe’s youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools, with a reputation for innovative business education and boundary-extending research. The Saïd Business School is dedicated to developing a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. By offering excellence in executive education the School is able to empower individuals to create opportunities, meet new challenges and drive business impact.

National Taiwan University(NTU)was founded in 1881, which ranked number 1 of the Academic Rankings of Chinese Universities in the Cross-Strait areas, aiming to be a high quality and high influential management education provider. NTU College of Management has continued the heritage of NTU to develop undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, doctoral, and executive education development programs. More than 97% of the full-time teaching faculties of NTU College of Management graduated from the world-renowned universities with business and management expertise across different areas. NTU College of Management, being the first college to establish EMBA program in Taiwan, is committed to assist companies in developing international business leaders with capabilities of strategic thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. NTU College of Management has been highly recommended as the best EMBA program provider amongst the enterprises and expected to be the most valuable elite network and learning platform in the Chinese areas.


Candidates may apply to the program through the Guanghua School of Management.
Applications are requested 30 days prior to the program start date. Qualified candidates are admitted on a rolling, space-available basis, and early application is encouraged.



Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. Executive Education Programs enhance the leadership capacity of the executives enrolled as well as their organizations, and full commitment is expected from both. While participants devote time and intellect to the learning experience, sponsoring companies agree to relieve individuals of their work responsibilities during the program.


The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. If admission is within 30 days prior to the start of the program, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Cancellation policies are outlined in the information provided to applicants upon admission.

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