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Executive MBA program

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree program is a comprehensive and systematic management Chinese course that specifically designed for executives for senior level management. In 1999, the Guanghua School of Management (GSM) founded the first EMBA program among national universities, and it continually maintains a leading position. Integrating the specific feature and requirements of today's administrator, Guanghua's EMBA program launched an program reform in 2011 with the goal of equipping senior executives'business education with more humanistic concerns and practical significance.
The EMBA program adheres to the essence of education with the concept of “格”, which represents wisdom, vision, and learning the nature of things. This concept aims to graduate leaders with a sense of entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and a broad vision towards globalization.

World Class Faculty

Guanghua's EMBA faculty comprises world-class scholars who come from diverse educational backgrounds and have made exceptional contributions in their respective academic fields. Among them include Professors Li Yining, and others of the nation's most renowned scholars that have significantly impacted state policies, positively contributing to China's continued economic reform and development. Meanwhile, to integrate the most cutting-edge knowledge in business and economics with practical business management skills, top-level experts from diverse disciplines of Peking University, government policymakers, and industry leaders are regularly invited to give lectures to our students. In addition, our academic tutor system is designed to provide more professional guidance to each of our EMBA students.

GSM's EMBA Alumni

As of September 2013, there are nearly 5,000 outstanding senior executives have graduated from GSM's EMBA program. They come from various industries, including manufacturing, finance, construction, science etc., and regularly make vital contributions to their organizations and to the development of their industry. With our far-reaching alumni networks both at home and abroad and distinguished alumni services, Guanghua's EMBA alumni are enable to link and interact with each one another through regional alumni associations, clubs, trade associations and continued studies at Guanghua. Guanghua's EMBA program provides unique exchange platforms to our alumni to establish their social networks.

Over the past ten years, Guanghua's Shanghai and Shenzhen campuses have also successfully recreated the pedagogical experience provided at Peking University, bringing its award-winning faculty, teaching resources, and first-class educational philosophy to senior level executives all across China.


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