In China, Big Data Is Becoming Big Business
Data is increasing at an astounding rate Professor Su Meng explains, and the analysis and understanding of these large sets of data, known as ¡°big data¡± is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.
Three Experiments in Market Design
Prof. Alvin E. Roth, the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Economics offered a fantastic lecture on how to promote organ donation.
To win the Chinese, you have to be Chinese
Jonathan Li, 2nd Year International MBA Candidate learnt a lesson about Business in China during the KPMG International Case read Competition.
Life of Guo
MBA Alumnus Guo Chuan has become the first Chinese person to sail solo around the world, and the first man in the world to accomplish this feat in a Class 40 boat.
The West needs to learn, not to teach
China has made the hard decisions that equip it to dispense economic advice.
There¡¯s No Accounting for China¡¯s Accounting
Washington and Beijing announced a deal for some information sharing between them concerning audits of U.S.-listed Chinese companies embroiled in accounting scandals. But there¡¯s a whole lot less to this compromise than meets the eye, and those listings may still be in jeopardy.
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Mind the Income Gap
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