Student Profiles

Tidayuth (June) Skoolragkwamsook

Nationality:  Thai
(Pre) Education:  Silpakorn University / Vatel International Management School
(Pre) Employer: Perfect Home Resort

‘Don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it’, George Bernard Shaw.


Some said success only comes to the people who are given the right opportunity at the right time. However, I believe that success comes to people who ‘establish’ their own right time, provide themselves an opportunity. And here I am, in China, creating my own chance for success.


I have started my industrial experience in different function since the beginning of my college year. Right after my graduation as a first class honor student in Bachelor of International Hotel Management, I worked for international hospitality company at Sales and Marketing Department, specializing in corporate market. Then, I join a real estate company as an assistant managing director in project development section, mainly focusing to contribute in creating new residential and commercial projects. As of 2017, I am currently a MBA student at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

People often ask why I choose to study in China and why at Guanghua School of Management. My response is ‘because I am creating my right opportunity’. As one of the fastest emerging markets with high purchasing power, China is a place where my chance of success woulda rise. To accomplish my goal, joining MBA program at Guanghua will strengthen my understanding of Chinese business and the diversity of Chinese culture. Doing business in China is my ambition.

If opportunity brings success, I choose to create mine. Would you wait for a chance to come or you will search for it?



Feel free to contract me.

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