Student Profiles

Dongjoo Kwak

Nationality:  Korean
(Pre) Education:  Chonbuk National University
(Pre) Employer: Samsung Life Insurance

Have you ever thought about your future career after 5 or 10 years?

How do you want to change your future career and why do you want to do that?

I believe everyone would have thought about this question and are still trying to find the answer. As an employee of an insurance company, my job was noticing people, preparing their life after five years, ten years, or even retirement. Even though I knew what I should do to prepare for my own future, I ran straight without any such preparation. One day, I was surprised to see that I was running like a racehorse. Finally, I decided to find the answer. The answer that I found is Guanghua.

How could I improve my ability to survive in the business world, and what kind of steps in career would make me special? My MBA story started from this consideration.

My choice was to apply to an MBA in China. In the 21st century, business is life; the way we conduct it, and the products and services we provide shape every moment of our lives. I believe that if I can be a competent and valuable business manager, I will get a lot of opportunities in my future career. Also, getting an MBA in China makes me more special, because nowadays China is the most influential country in the world with its special characteristics. If I can deeply understand the culture of China, I can raise opportunities for success in China, and even in the world.

I resolutely decided to challenge myself to enter the MBA at the Peking University.

Nowadays, I’m very excited about my new campus life because I can feel Guanghua's flexible way of thinking, well-organized curriculum, and efforts for the future of students. All of my classmates are respectable people. They have awesome working experience and also nice personalities. I believe that I will learn new ways of understanding each other, discover a diversity of values and meet challenges I never imagined. While studying in China, I hope to build a cross-cultural understanding and cultivate relationships that I can carry with me into the future.

As a school ambassador, I would like to share the helpful information about MBA and my efforts to find the answer with you. If anyone wants to know about our school life, feel free to contact me!

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