Student Profiles

Jonathan Jack Kendrick

Nationality:  USA
(Pre) Education:  University of Southern California (USC)
(Pre) Employer: National Community Renaissance

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I decided an MBA in China was the next stop in my career path after working for five years in the nonprofit and real estate industry in the USA.

In my previous role, I managed strategic initiatives and projects including new business lines, government relations, strategic partnerships, marketing and event production, and both external and internal communications for one of the leading affordable housing developers in the United States, National Community Renaissance.As part of my time there, I also hosted and produced an industry-specific affordable housing and community renaissance podcast, and made regular appearances for five years on a Las Vegas-based national sports radio show. Prior to that, I graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism. During that time, I also covered Los Angeles sports teams for various news outlets and networks, including FOX and CBS.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy learning about new cultures, exploring new places (like Beijing!), trying new foods and meeting new people.

I have found China to be a fascinating place, and Guanghua to be an excellent choice for an MBA. The program and setting not only provides a window into China’s rise on the world stage, but also an opportunity to learn from the global community that has come to Peking University and the surrounding area.

If I can help in any way as you decide whether Guanghua is the place for you, please do reach out and ask whatever is on your mind!

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