Student Profiles

Daniel Gallardo

Nationality:  Argentinean
(Pre) Education:  Austral University
(Pre) Employer: Global Commercial Business LTD

As a young entrepreneur, I consider that this program is a solid step towards the development of the trade business that I want to establish between China and Argentina. I’m an Industrial Engineer graduated from Austral University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to the huge demand in Argentina and Latin America for Chinese-speaking professionals in engineering and trading disciplines, in 2012, I decided to apply for a scholarship to study Chinese granted from the Chinese government.


During my stay in China, my restlessness to develop my business company idea was getting stronger. In pursuing that idea, I attended one of the biggest export and import fairs in the world, held in Guangzhou. That's when I realized the huge potential for growth between both trade blocs and also the huge opportunity for a young entrepreneur like me.


After a year in China, I went back to Argentina with the purpose of finishing my studies in two years and at the same time, set up the project on import auto-parts from Chinese suppliers through a commercial network that is currently in force.


After finishing my studies, I came back to China with a scholarship to keep studying Chinese language, as for I think learning Mandarin is an essential tool for developing a trading business in China. Additionally, I have started to work on the import of Chinese products establishing my own trading company in Hong Kong.


In this stage of my entrepreneurial studies, in order to determine the focus of my business and its development in China, with this program I am acquiring a stronger theoretical base and a more strategic profile. I think Guanghua School of Management, besides being the most prestigious business school in China, it allows me to inter-relate with other young professionals, thus will provide an opportunity to create networking. Additionally, I am gaining a closer insight into the business development in China.

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