Student Profiles

Jieyu (Constance) Liu

Nationality:  China
(Pre) Education:  Beijing Language and Culture University
(Pre) Employer: Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP

My name is Liu Jieyu, Vice President of IMBA 2017 and MBA Ambassador of GSM.


Upon earning my bachelor degree in Beijing Language and Culture University, I started out building my pyramids of profession. The first layer is to learn from others, so I worked as an auditor in Ernst & Young for three years, during which I gained both solid financial knowledge and accumulated disciplined professional experiences. I became quite familiar with the auditing procedures by preparing and reviewing financial statements for many listed companies in China. I also passed CFA level 3 and CICPA. As the ground has been laid, I decided to go to the second level -- practicing by myself. I joined DT Capital, a boutique financial advisory firm. It was me that led the team for due diligence.


By taking more responsibilities and exploring more about myself, I realized my most significant passion is to seek and embrace a variety of experiences in order to fulfill my intellectual curiosity for a sustained amount of time. Besides the previous pyramid, I can build another, a higher, bigger, more stimulated and challenged one, by attending Guanghua School of Management, China’s most prestigious institution. I knew it was a choice that would impact my whole life, so I concentrated all myself on getting admission from GSM. Thankfully, I made it. Now I’m an MBA candidate in international class of GSM, which would not only allow me to gain a deeper exposure to China’s specific economic and financial identity, to broaden my knowledge of the Chinese culture but also to meet people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, all sharing the same passion for Asia. In fact, I feel these things more and more each day. And I can confidently say that I haven't had a moment to be anything less than 100% engaged and energized.