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Custom Program, Guanghua School of Management Executive Education, Peking University
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Custom Program, Guanghua School of Management Executive Education, Peking University

Case 1: China Senior Leadership Program
Vice Presidents from GE Group
Duration: Two weeks
Core Values:
• Gain in-depth knowledge of China’s rapid economic growth and development since Reform and Opening;
• Gain insights into the current reform policies, industrial policies and innovation systems;
• Evaluate China’s economic and social challenges;
• Develop insights into Chinese culture and management practices.

Case 2: China Program for a Global Executive Organization Organization
Members from the Chief Executive Organization
Duration: Four days
Core Values:
• Presentations from government decision makers and business practitioners;
• Discussing the latest economic trends and current economic conditions in China’s emerging market;
• Dialogues between global executives and Chinese entrepreneurs in summit;
• Establishing an advanced CEO communication platform and network;
• Search for the new impetuses to drive global economic growth.

Case 3: Global EMBA Peking University Module
EMBA cohort from top ranked business school
Duration: One week
Core Values:
• One-stop solution for EMBA students to understand China;
• Insightful knowledge from top professors and business leaders;
• Exploring the development of the Chinese economy: past, present and future;
• Understanding the complexity of the Chinese government, business environment and economic development;
• Introducing financial market and investor protection in China;
• Discussing how Chinese enterprises succeed in the fast-changing market;
• First-hand experience shared by famous Chinese enterprises.

Case 4: China Module of a Corporate Global Executive Education Program
 Promising Asian business partners of Mercedes-Benz
Duration: Two-week China module for a two-year program
Core Values:
• Joint international educational program lasting 2-3 years;
• Cutting-edge business education with a industry focus;
• Combining classroom teaching and on-line learning components;
• Providing global perspectives and comprehensive managerial knowledge;
• Applying “situational-approach” which enables the students to learn by doing and to link learning to real-life scenarios within their daily work environments.

Contact Us
Telephone: (86 10) 6274 7072
FAX: (86 10) 6276 8266